One of the most frequently visited pages on your website is your about page. It’s usually the page visited right after the home or landing page. It’s where interested people go to find out more about you and see if things ‘click’.

Many small businesses dismiss the importance of their about page, therefore missing out on huge opportunity to convert website lurkers to leads and sales.

The about page offers the chance to create that all-important relationship with potential clients. It’s a valuable opportunity to create trust with people because you can show them the essence of who you are, your values and your personality. If people resonate with who you are, and what your business stands for, they are far more likely to want to work with you.

Here’s some fun information I found out on about pages from researchers at Neilson Norman Group:

  • The use of about pages is on an upward trend. People visit about pages now more than ever.
  • Unfortunately, around 20% of about pages don’t actually state clearly what the business does.
  • Overall user satisfaction on about pages is dropping – meaning intrigued people are losing interest in a business after going to the about page. This because the key relationship builder on a website is the about page. If it doesn’t meet expectations, they close out.

The evidence is clear as far as prospects go: If they lose interest in your about page, you lose sales in your business.


What should you include on an about page to increase sales?

The truth is, there are no hard and fast rules here because each business and each person are so uniquely different. However, there are some tips you can implement to be sure you make the most of your about page content, regardless of how you format and organize it.



It can be really difficult to understand how to split the content between these two pages, however, they shouldn’t sound the same.

Think of your landing page as the place to tease about yourself, your services and your other offerings such as blog posts.

In contrast, think of the about page as going deep into WHO you are, the essence of your business and WHY you do what you do.



This can be really fun. And it’s not optional! You must include pictures of yourself!

Pro-photos are nice to have, but totally not needed. You can have fun here adding photos that reflect your personality…pics with your family, your pets, in a photo-booth…whatever screams “you” will draw your people in like magnets.

About Page Importance


Stay away from the traditional, boring, stuffiness of bios-past. People want to know the (wo)man behind the logo. You need a bio that shines a light on who you are, not just professionally, but personally. Don’t be afraid to get real here.

As I’ve talked about so much before, vulnerability is what connects us. Need help finding the right words? You can download my free Soul Fire Bio workbook to create a beautiful bio with meaning that will help your about page stand out and convert more leads and sales.



Of all the pages, about pages allow for the most creative fun in the copy. Don’t be shy to bring your essence to this page by using funny words or phrases, personal stories or even video to capture your truest self.



There are lots of ways you can do this:

  • Tell people what problems you can help them solve,
  • share what others have said about how you’ve changed or helped them,
  • share your personal story of triumph and how that makes you perfect to help them.

Consider your audience here and what will create emotion and provoke them to ‘just know’ they want to work with you. And make sure you make it easy for them to find out how by including a call to action!

Creating an about page with the intention of garnering trust and relationships will earn this page a gold-star for conversion on your website. Don’t underestimate the importance of your about page and watch your sales soar!


Want help writing a killer bio for your about page? Download my free Soul Fire Bio workbook!