Website Content Writing

Find Your Voice web writing will get your new or existing business off to a great start in connecting meaningfully with your audience through your website content.

I don’t just take what you have and rewrite it as I see fit.

Through an intensive consultation and on-going email collaboration, I work with you to ensure that who you really are and what your business stands for resonates in all your website content.

This package includes:

Find Your Voice
Consult & brand profile

This consult digs deep into your business and your soulful self. You come away with a deep understanding of your business goals, messages and key attributes. You will define your written voice by clarifying tone, word usage, pace and values.

(Hint: You can use this information for all your other content, too!)

Content Review
I review all of your current content and conduct a content gap analysis. I identify what is working in your current content, and where the gaps are. This helps me determine which areas of your website to focus on. The analysis also identifies gaps in your other content platforms so you know where to focus next.

Key Message Development

It’s important you know exactly what you want to tell your audience! Working with your intuition, I provide clarity on what your business does, which means better connections to clients. People buy from who they trust and know will help them with their specific problem.

Website Content Writing

I take everything we have talked about and developed and create 3 or 5 pages of powerful, optimized website copy that embodies your business and connects you with clients.

Personal Bio

I will compose a powerful bio that converts strangers to friends and friends to clients. Your bio will be nothing like the boring, stuffy, traditional bio you are used to reading. It will be a soulfully crafted piece that reflects your truest self and leaves people excited to connect with you.

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