Strategy. Content. Systems. Design. Exposure.

EMERGENCE is for women who are ready to set aside their fear. Their insecurities. Their hesitation. Their ‘reasons’, and fully emerge from being invisible to being invincible. This is more than a full-scale, done-for-you content marketing package. 

It’s a coming out into your greatness for all the world to see.

Strategy, content, visual design and digital marketing done all in one place.

Create messaging that speaks volumes to those who need you most.

Full-service content writing for all of your content needs.

Development of a content strategy that focuses on expanding your audience.

Nurture leads and get new clients.

Implement systems for your content that automates growth and sales.

Build your website as your main content hub to drive traffic & increase ranking.

Be positioned as an authority and increase sales.

Align your content voice with your visual design to create a cohesive brand that reflects as an immersive experience for your customers.

Be supported through on-going mentorship and guidance through an entirely collaborative process.

Phase 1

exploration & planning

In order for you to grow successfully, we need to look deep into where you are now. I am here to be sure your content marketing efforts help you reach the goals you have for your business. The planning phase will help us create the visual design and brand voice strategy that perfectly reflects your personality, values and messages.

  • Content Audit
  • Client Exploration Research
  • Information Gathering
  • Brand Voice Profile Creation
  • Customized Brand Board with logo



  • Customer Journey Map
  • Content Strategy
  • Content Clean Up
  • Website Development

Phase 2 


This is the most labour-intensive phase for our team! My team and I will work in close collaboration with you to produce all the necessary content marketing pieces and to ensure your business is fully up to speed with automating growth. All production includes content creation and visual design.

  • Opt-in Development

  • Landing/Sales Pages

  • Email Welcome Sequence

  • Finalize Website Development

  • Minor Tech Support

  • Ad Content
  • Optimized Blogs
  • Social Media Editorial Calendar
  • Branded Social Graphics

Phase 3

Assessment & revision

Once your content marketing plan is implemented, we continue to monitor results and tweak where needed. New blog content continues to be produced as well as second-phase email marketing sequences.

  • Review Email Conversions
  • Review Ad Performance
  • Review Social Media Engagement
  • Continue/Tweak Offer Content
  • Retargeting Email Sequences
  • Continue Blog Production
  • Revise Content Where Needed

Phase 4


The final piece of this in-depth experience reviews successes and outlines the ways you can track your content marketing outcomes and measure results.

  • Measure ROI on Content
  • Identify Strongest Content
  • Evaluate Project Outcomes
  • Discuss Next Steps

Finally, gain clarity on what your business really stands for and who it really serves.

Start being able to focus on what you do best while we handle the ins and outs of implementing your content marketing plan.

Watch your online presence soar as your content strategy is implemented and continuously tweaked for optimum performance.

Feel secure in knowing your business growth is eminent by having consistent, valuable content that your audience craves and is drawn to.

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