Hi, I’m Rena.

My first work was Dragons in grade one. Best known for its prose, “They fighted and fighted.” I’ve come a long way since 1984, and so have my skills as a writer.

I love to create content that matters for heart-centred entrepreneurs and businesses.

Sarcastic, committed, ambitious and adventurer.

A wounded child’s soul being held tight by the recovered adult’s soul. A seeker and a giver, I am learning to receive just as often. Loyal and passionate – you can practically SEE the fire inside me.

My 20 years of having a “real job” included writing for broadcast television, strategic planning and leading communications and marketing teams in municiple government.

My life took a turn when I decided the daily grind had ground me down enough.

Doing what absolutely nobody thought I should, I followed my intuition.

I left my job of 13 years, sold my house and started a business based on connection through vulnerability.

I took my skills in writing and knowledge of marketing and strategic planning and was determined to use it to help others like me follow their dreams and become wildly successful by sharing their most genuine selves through their words.

Now, as a seasoned writer and certified content marketer by trade, I provide content services to other soulepreneurs who care deeply about connecting to their audience with a heart-centred approach.

I am passionate about uncovering your voice and putting it in all your business content. 

I am a mother, a lover, a friend and a soul-sister. A wine enthusiast (like, REALLY enthusiastic) and deeply connected to nature. I have one free-spirited daughter named Ruby, and a dog with trust issues named Scout.

I live in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

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